Filter and Action Hooks

WP-Members provides a number of filters that let you get more control over how the plugin works with your site.  This feature makes this one of the most extensible members/post restriction plugins available.

This page is a complete list of filter and action hooks available in the plugin.  For specific details about a particular hook, including parameters passed to it, click through for more specific data and links to examples.  Hooks available in new versions indicate the WP-Members version number they were introduced in (which may require you to upgrade if you intend to use the hook).

Note: All WP-Members hooks begin with wpmem_ in order to differentiate them from WP hooks and any other hooks that may be in your theme or other plugins.

Filter Hooks:




Dialogs and Messages:

Widget Login Form:

Login & Change/Reset Password Form:

Register & User Profile Update Form:

Form Submission:




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MailChimp Extension:

User Tracking Extension:

Action Hooks:

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