PayPal Subscriptions



The PayPal Subscription extension allows WP-Members to limit a user to a specific subscription period and allows you to charge for subscriptions using PayPal’s IPN.

Note: The PayPal Extension requires the PHP cURL library be enabled. If you are not sure what this is or if it is enabled, check with your host.

The PayPal subscription extension utilizes the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system to notify your site that a user has paid and to extend their subscription expiration date accordingly.

The registration flow when using the extension is as follows:

  1. User registers on your site, a new user account is created and login credentials are emailed to the user
  2. Upon successful registration, the user is presented a PayPal button to take them to PayPal to complete payment
  3. Upon successful payment, the user is returned to your site

It is important to note that while a user account is created for the user, they are unable to view any restricted content until their payment is processed by PayPal and the IPN is successfully passed.  The user is still able to log in and view their profile which will indicate that they have not completed payment. This way, if they leave the registration process without completing payment they can return to complete payment later.  Until they actually complete payment, they will not be able to view any restricted content.  Instead, they will be presented with a message indicating they need to complete payment and a PayPal payment button.

Read a description of extension setup for more information on this product’s features.

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