Restricting Pages

Pages, while separate from Posts in both WordPress® and WP-Members™, are restricted much the same way as posts.  You should familiarize yourself with the section on Restricting Posts.

That being said, WP-Members™ understands that WordPress® has become popular not only as blogging software, but as a content management system as well.  Many users do not use it as a blog at all, and therefore, do not generally use posts, putting all of their content in pages.

If you are one of those users, it is important to note that the default installation of WP-Members™ is to block all posts by default and to leave all pages unrestricted.

Block Pages by Default

If you need to restrict pages, you should turn on the setting found in WP-Members™ Settings > Options called Block Pages by Default.  This operates the same as Block Posts by Default, blocking all pages.  However, unlike posts, pages are not generally summarized as they are in a blog.  So excerpts and the use of the ‘more’ tag are not required to fully protect content (unless you are using the “Show Excerpts” feature).  All you need to do to begin restricting pages is to turn on Block Pages by Default.

Override the Default Setting for Pages

This is the same as for posts.  Review the section titled Override the Default Setting for Posts.