The wpmem_member_links filter hook allows you to filter the links that are shown on the member-area shortcode page when the user is in a logged in state.  By default, this will show a bulleted list of links to update registration data and change password.

You can use this filter to append to this list, create content before or after it, or change it completely.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to change the link list completely, be certain that you are careful to include the links for updating information and changing password in some way in your returned filtered content. Otherwise your users will not be able to access these functions.


add_filter( 'wpmem_member_links', 'my_member_links' );

function my_member_links( $string ) 
	// Original link output comes in as a $string.
	// You can add to it before or after, or drop it altogether.

	$string = "<p>I put this before the original links</p>" . $string;
	$string = $string . "<p>This is extra stuff I added after...</p>";

	return $string;


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