This filter hook allows you to filter the form data that is posted in the registration form prior to its insertion in the database.  Some common uses would be to filter the values for WP native fields such as “display_name” (which in WP-Members is defaulted to the username).

Note: in v2.8.2 RC 2 & 3, this hook is wpmem_filter_register_data.  If you did development using one of these beta releases, you’ll need to update your add_filter call for the production release.


add_filter( 'wpmem_register_data', 'my_register_data_filter' );

function my_register_data_filter( $fields )
	 * The data from the registration form is brought in 
	 * with the $fields array.  You can filter any of the
	 * the values, and add/subtract from the array before
	 * returning the filtered result.

	return $fields;


See a list of all filter and action hooks


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