This hook allows you to filter the body content of the email that is sent to the admin when a new user registers.



add_filter( 'wpmem_email_notify', 'my_email_filter' );
function my_email_filter( $email_content )
	// the content of the email comes to 
	// the filter in the parameter $email_content
	// you can do whatever you want to it here:
	// add to it:
	$email_content = "This is added to the beginning" 
		. $email_content 
		. "I put this on the end";
	// or you could use something like php's 
	// str_replace to filter the string and
	// add/remove content, etc.
	// whatever you do, you need to return 
	// the filtered result:
	return $email_content;


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