WP-Members One-on-One Consulting




Some people need more assistance getting things configured just the way they want them. Or perhaps you have a very specific custom project you need help with.

Whatever the case or need, a block of one-on-one live consulting may be what you need.

Chad Butler is a WordPress development expert who started working with WordPress version 1.2 (Mingus). He has made his living from WordPress for more than a decade. In that time, WordPress has grown, and Chad has continued to keep his plugins and development projects fresh and relevant for updates in the core of WordPress.

  • One-on-one live consulting is sold in 4 hour time blocks and will generally be a 2 hour initial consultation and a 2 hour followup.
  • Scheduling will be a mutually agreed upon time. IMPORTANT: Purchase DOES NOT guarantee that a time block will be available. If a day and time cannot be coordinated, the purchase will be refunded.
  • Currently, meetings are conducted via Google Hangouts.
  • If you need special consideration other than what is outlined above, please contact us first!