WordPass Pro




WordPass Pro is a premium version that includes all of the free version features PLUS:

  • Number of words used can be between 1-4¬†or a random number chosen at random from the word list.
  • Default word list includes well over a hundred words to get you started.
  • Words can be “leetified” (“leetspeak” is a process of changing certain letters to other symbols, letters, or numbers; for example, “street” might be “$tr33t” in leet). Leet can be turned on or off or be randomly applied.
  • Basic leet dictionary included can be filtered to allow custom leet character mapping.
  • Number of numbers can be 0-3 digits or random.
  • Number of special characters can be 0-3 or random.
  • Special characters used can be filtered to allow additional (or removal of) characters.