WP-Members 2.8.3 final release


WP-Members 2.8.3 was released as a production version today. This version moves the admin rebuild project forward significantly, completing most of the moving of user management to the WP Users > All Users menu.  There are also a number of fixes in this release.  Here is a rundown of what is included in this version: 

Feature Updates

  • Allows native fields display_name, nicename, and nickname to be removed from the field manager. Previously, these were prevented from being removed along with other WP native fields.
  • New filter wpmem_logout_link filters all logout links.   There was already a filter for the entire logout message including the link, but this will make it easier to filter just the link.
  • Added default registration via wp-login page (backend). This of course can be disabled by unchecking “anyone can register” in the WP settings.  This still needs some fine-tuning and will be completed in the next version.
  • Completion of user admin panel implementation. Added screens for non-active and non-exported users.  Now that Users > All Users contains the user management components, the Users > WP-Members page is scheduled to be removed in a future version.
  • Added a custom column to page/post tables to indicate if a post/page is blocked/unblocked opposite the chosen default setting.


  • Fixed bug in admin/post.php that caused an error due a typo in the selected capability.
  • Applied the patch for the users table custom columns that didn’t return non-WP-Members custom column values.
  • Fixed the use of the nonce constant to check if the constant is defined.
  • Applied patch to the utilities file that left some debugging code artifacts in the 2.8.2 release.


  • Updated dashboard widget to either superadmin or not display for multisite.
  • Added a div tag to the “Required Field” text in the registration form – NOTE: if you run any filters on the registration form, you may need to test them and update accordingly.
  • Updated the included stylesheets for the addition of req-text class for the “Required Field” text in the registration form.
  • Added Portugese translation files (Thanks Joana!)


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