WP-Members 2.8.2 beta release now available


Current Release Candidate: RC 4

WP-Members 2.8.2 is both a feature release and a fix release. 

Feature Updates

  • There are some native fields in WordPress that, since they were not widely used were kind of overlooked by the WP-Members plugin.  I am changing that in this release, which will, among other things, improve the functionality of the User List add-on module.  These are user_nicename, display_name, and nickname.  While 2.8.2 will continue to default these to match the $username in order to allow for backward compatibility with how people may have their WP-Members configured, they can be filtered to allow you maximum flexibility in what goes into these fields.
  • I added the wpmem_filter_form_data filter to allow for the filtering of all fields prior to new user insertion.  This includes the above mentioned new fields.  So if you need to have nicename be something like first name last name, you can do that by filtering the value in the $fields array before insertion.   There will be more documentation and examples coming.
  • This release begins the process of improving user management on the admin side.  I will be moving features from the Users > WP-Members page to integrate into the WP native Users > All Users page.  In this release, that adding the Activate and Export features to the bulk action menu, adding Activate to the individual user link options, and adding a new feature of being able to choose what fields you would like to display in the table (this will be managed in the Field Manager Tab).

Fixes, Patches, & Code Improvements

There are a number of fixes and improvements in this release.

  • Fixed the conversion of update-profile to members-area shortcode. The bug renders all page shortcodes as members-area.
  • Patch correcting the front-side registration form nonce. This patch should improve reliability while still using nonces for security.
  • Made front-side nonce optional, defaults to off (recommended for users with cache plugins)
  • Patch for the dropdown field for users running < PHP 5.3.
  • Moved utility functions out of core.php to utility file utilities.php.
  • Fixed user profile update (updates with custom checkbox don’t stay checked), an issue from 2.8.0.
  • Improved export process to wrap fields with double quotes – fixes issues if field contains a comma.

Update 2/24/2013 – Release Candidate 2 Available

I have updated the beta to RC 2.  The difference here is only changed to the registration function wpmem_registration found in wp-members-register.php.  The changes all revolve around updating the function to use the data in the $fields array.  Without getting too technical, not all of the $field values were directly loaded in the database – some were being stored in a separate array.  So with the inclusion of the filter for the $fields array, it was necessary to update and improve this function.  However, with a material change, this is going to need to be tested in a variety of configurations to make sure I haven’t overlooked something.

Update 3/1/2013 – Release Candidate 3 Available

RC 3 was uploaded this morning.  This update contains some cleanup to the changes applied to RC 2.  This involves some changes to the registration form and clears up some issues with form validation/error checking as a result of the RC 2 changes.  Also, there are some unrelated updates (1) moving the location of the wpmem_email_notify filter hook.  This is the filter hook that filters the admin notification email.  I moved the location of the hook so that is comes after shortcodes have been parsed.  This will allow you to filter for things like the activation email so that you can apply a single click activation process (something that I will be posting a tutorial on).  And (2) I updated the auto excerpt function to screen for common html tags that might be unclosed (such as italics and bold tags) and close them.

Update 3/6/2013 – Release Candidate 4 Available

RC 4 was uploaded this morning.  This release fixes a bug from the 2.8.0/2.8.1 releases that effected user defined passwords when the plugin is set to moderate registration.  Some updates in 2.8.0 caused this function to reset the password as the plugin normally does for the default configuration.  RC 4 also includes some new filter hooks in the admin.  wpmem_admin_profile_heading, wpmem_admin_profile_field, and wpmem_admin_profile_update are all new filters for the user profile section.

Get the 2.8.2 Beta Release

As always, this is a beta release, so consider that when loading to your site.  I have found it to be stable in testing so far, but if you run it on a production site, keep in mind it is beta.  It is recommended that you test in a development or staging environment first.

Download the zip package


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