Creating an optgroup tag in a dropdown list

Here is a slightly more advanced example of using the wpmem_register_form_rows filter to modify a form input element. In this case, we will take a regular dropdown select field and add the optgroup label tag to sections of it.

Note: for best results in understanding this customization, it is best to create a test field exactly as described in this example and using the example scripts as they are written.  Once you have it working, then you can move to creating this process for your specific field. [Read more…]

Make MailChimp subscribe field a hidden field in the WP-Members registration form

Suppose you are using the WP-Members registration form essentially as an opt-in to your MailChimp list.  Essentially, you want anyone who fills out the form to be added to the MailChimp opt-in process.

This requires you to have the MailChimp extension installed and a subscribe field set up and configured.  This filter will take that field and make it a hidden field, essentially triggering the MailChimp opt-in process for all users. [Read more…]

Replace the default login and registration forms with buttons

login_reg_buttonsA frequent question that I receive is how to replace the plugin’s default process of placing the login and registration forms with a process that takes the user to a login page (and/or registration page).

I’ve put together a code snippet that you can use as-is, or customize as needed in order to create a process that displays buttons that direct to a login page and registration page.  If you look at the screen shot to the left, you’ll see what this process will produce.  The example shows a post with an excerpt using the Twenty Fourteen theme.

The example provides the code snippet (which you can customize) as well as some initial CSS (which you can also customize) and will explain the process used to implement this change.  [Read more…]