Add a separator line of text in the registration form (wpmem_register_form_rows version)

Before the wpmem_register_form_rows filter was added, the way to insert a separator line of text into the registration form was by using php’s str_replace function to search/replace text/HTML in the form with the wpmem_register_form filter. While that way still works, wpmem_register_form_rows allows you an alternate approach.   [Read more...]

Customize form fields based on specific page or post criteria

This is a general discussion of how to customize the fields that are displayed in the registration form based on the page or the post that it is being displayed on.

There are some more advanced ways to approach this, but for most users, this will be the easiest to implement.

Note: this is a general discussion of how to implement. It is not a copy/paste codes snippet (although the code examples can be copy/pasted and used as-is as a general overview of trying out the approach discussed). You will need a basic knowledge of PHP to implement this based on your own custom fields.   [Read more...]