WP-Members 2.8 blank options screen fix


There was a small bug in the initial WP-Members 2.8 release that causes the main option screen for the plugin to be blank.  This would be a blank options screen with a php error message “Call to undefined function wpmem_a_rss_box()”.

Users Affected

This bug will affect users who are running on PHP 5 without short tags enabled.

Technical Detail

The cause was a couple of functions that were added late in the release and one of them inadvertently uses a php short tag.  PHP short tags (<? … ?> rather than <?php … ?>) were deactivated by default in PHP 5.  However, many PHP 5 installations operate with them turned on.  If you are running PHP 5 on a commercially hosted platform, it is probable that you will not be effected by this, but users running locally hosted installs and custom php.ini installs will probably experience this.

Bug Fix

The fix for this is very simple.  Change line number 178 in file /admin/dialogs.php to this:


The fix has been applied to the main plugin download, so you can also re-download the plugin to correct the issue.


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