WP-Members 2.8.1 str_getcsv patch


An improvement to the dropdown capability for the custom field manager in WP-Members 2.8.1 actually has an incompatibility for users with php less than 5.3.  While I will patch this for the 2.8.2 release, you can apply the patch for 2.8.1 with these instructions. 

Note: if you are using PHP 5.3 or greater, this patch is unnecessary.  If you are having issues with the dropdown, it is not likely related to this.

  1. Open the wp-members file /admin/tab-fields.php in the plugin editor (Plugins > Editor in the admin menu).
  2. Search for this line (line# 206):
    $arr[7] = str_getcsv( $str, ',', '"' );
  3. change that line to the following:
    $arr[7] = explode( ',', $str );
  4. Save this change.

Note: you will not be able to use commas in your values


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